2023 Session Report

The 2023 Legislative Session was a transformational time for Minnesota. There were numerous major accomplishments that will improve the lives of people in every corner of Minnesota.

Healthcare For All

Our healthcare system is fundamentally broken. Minnesotans, like all Americans, pay twice as much per person for healthcare than other countries, yet our outcomes are worse than those countries. John is working to change that.

Climate Change

Senator Marty has been a strong leader in the fight against climate change because it is the biggest threat to the future of humanity. He continues pushing for legislation to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions, to strengthen our renewable energy standards, and to keep fossil fuels in the ground, including opposition to the unneeded Line 3 pipeline expansion for the dirtiest tar sands oil.

Photo Credit: John Englart

Economic Justice

More than one in ten Minnesotans lives in poverty, and three in ten are struggling to meet basic needs. Some workers cannot afford housing and go from their jobs to a homeless shelter at night. It is time for a bold approach.

Photo Credit: Chad Davis

Government Ethics

John Marty’s career in the senate is perhaps best defined by his nationally-recognized efforts to improve democracy in Minnesota, opening up the political process, taking on the corporate powers and the special interest money, and fighting conflicts of interest. His leadership and personal commitment to these issues has led many to call him the conscience of the Senate.

A Message of Hope

The challenges our society faces are immense. But there is reason to hope.

Younger generations are demanding bold action on climate. Americans of all ages are demanding action to stem gun violence.

There has been a shift in public attitudes. Much of it comes as a backlash to the Trump presidency after he tore the very fabric of our democracy.

Many newer legislators share this sense of urgency with me. Even some cautious politicians seem to be awakening to the depth of the problems we face.

While these bold reform proposals I am pushing have yet to be implemented, I have had victories – often huge victories – even when pundits said there was no chance.

I urge you to join me in speaking out for visionary change. On Climate. On Healthcare for All. On Social, Economic, and Racial Justice. On Gun Violence. On rebuilding our democracy and ensuring the right to vote.

Please join in creating a sustained, persistent effort to demand change. Speak out – with kindness and understanding and a willingness to listen – but also with firmness and persistence. It is not ok to maintain the status quo in the midst of a crisis.

This is Senator John Marty’s unofficial Senate webpage, to inform the public about his legislation and work as a Senator.

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There's no excuse for corruption in politics.

@SenSchumer, it's time to demand that Sen.#MenendezResign over corruption.

Efforts to get Clarence Thomas to resign over corruption sound hollow if you unwilling to call for it here. @RWPUSA is right!

Yes, we could end child poverty. Instead, Congressional Republicans let the poverty fighting child tax credit expire. Now child poverty is up sharply. It's no surprise. It's tragic for all the children & families affected.

On Sept. 11, 1973 Salvador Allende, Chile’s democratically elected president, was overthrown by a military coup backed by the U.S. which ushered in a fascist government and the loss of thousands of Chilean lives. Today, we honor the memory of Salvador Allende.

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