2023 Session Report

Dear Friends and Neighbors, The 2023 Legislative Session was a transformational time for Minnesota. There were numerous major accomplishments that...

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One of many needed policing reforms.

One of many needed policing reforms. If you think this makes sense, please share it: Community Emergency Responders for 911& Other Public Safety Calls – Senate File 2403We can save lives and provide authentic help for people in crisis by using professionals who are best trained to address the situations they face.

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It’s time to restore the gun ban at the Minnesota State Capitol

The sight of people flaunting assault rifles is becoming commonplace at political rallies of Trump supporters and right-wing causes. During the past year, Michigan, Oregon, Kentucky and Idaho all had incidents where people, armed to the teeth and dressed for combat, walked into their state Capitols to threaten public officials. These incidents made national news because the brazen intimidation was so shocking.

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